Who Is PaoJus?

That’s a darn good question!

Before we get to that, I’d like welcome you to my site!
So Welcome!

So back to the question at hand..

Paojus Alquiza

Who Am I?

I’m Paolo Justin, “Paolo” to my friends, and known online as “PaoJus“.
An ordinary guy who is extraordinarily passionate about photography.
I fell in love with photography from a very young age,
influenced by one of my cousins who’s very much into the fine arts.
As a kid, I love the experience of capturing moments for the school yearbook.

Driven By Passion

When I got into university,
I’ve had such an awesome experience that I wanted to take my skills to the next level.
Photography seminars and trainings are pretty expensive but I didn’t let that stop me.
What I couldn’t learn from seminars, I learnt from visualization and continuous experimentation.
Over time, I’ve developed my skills and continue to do so.

Why Choose Me?

Anyone can buy a camera and take photos..
It takes someone who’s driven and passionate to take AMAZING photos.
For life’s special moments, why take chances?